In the not-so-distant past, we, two bright-eyed college sophomores, decided that it was time to get real. To be honest. To lay down some real truths on the world. For one night, nothing was off limits. We called it “Truths with Lori and Allyssa” (for our names are Lori and Allyssa, funnily enough). For the next few years, Truths nights became a tradition. On these sacred and holy nights, we wouldn’t hold back. We would caption life and enlighten the world. And true things would happen.

We grew up to be semi-functional adults attempting to survive in the “real world.” And, now, more than ever, we have found a need for Truths. So, come along, Truth-seekers, as we ramble about nonsense in the truest way possible.

cropped-3289_96285366347_2755676_n.jpgDays According to Lori and Allyssa

Moo Point Mondays: On Mondays, we will review whatever book/music/movie/TV show we are into (or not) at the moment. Who cares about our opinions? No one. Our opinions are like cows’ opinions. They are moo points.

Tuesday Truths with Allyssa: Every Tuesday, Allyssa will break down what she’s thinking about that week. Learn more about Allyssa here.

Whatever Wednesdays: For weeks when there is too much truth to be contained, we will expand into writing on Wednesdays.

Thursday Truths with Lori: Tune in every Thursday to see what Lori has to say about the world. Learn more about Lori here.

Flashback Fridays: Nostalgia is so in right now. On Fridays, we’ll take a look back at stuff from our childhoods, or the more recent past, and reminiscence about how much better things were when we were young. We are 26 going on 90.

Can’t get enough of Allyssa and Lori? Check out our old blog Honesty Time, and our food blog Food365.


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